Breach of ash dyke wall at Essar Mahan Power Plant a brazen act of sabotage

We are deeply shocked and anguished by the incident last night where the wall of the ash dyke at the 2×600 MW Mahan Power Plant, operated by Essar Power MP Ltd (EPMPL), was breached by an act of sabotage, and the ash entered the adjoining land in Kasualal village.

EPMPL would like to categorically clarify that the breach of the ash dyke wall is a clear case of sabotage and that the land where the ash entered is non-agricultural land owned by EPMPL. Our security personnel deployed at the location have given a statement to the local police saying that they spotted 4-5 unidentified persons fleeing from the site of the incident last night. We have filed an application for FIR alleging sabotage, and also apprised all local authorities about the incident.

We would like to further add that even in the past, the villagers have been up to similar mischief. Moreover, the land where the ash entered is no longer agricultural land since EPMPL has acquired it for future expansion of the ash dyke by paying due compensation to all displaced families. The Company has also paid necessary conversion charges to enable the land to be used for the purpose of extending the ash dyke. In fact, families continue to live on the land at their own risk as encroachers despite repeated requests from EPMPL.

We are a law-abiding and responsible corporate that adheres to all relevant rules and regulations. EPMPL has been operating the world-class coal-fired Mahan Power plant since 2012 by complying with necessary environmental norms. We are hopeful that the local authorities will successfully nab the culprits, and ensure such incidents are not repeated in future.

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