Avid Learning collaborates with St+art India Foundation and Kalaghoda Association to present a Cultural Extravaganza for Mumbai

Avid Learning was proud to partner with two of the country’s biggest multicultural festivals – the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2023 and the Mumbai Urban Art Festival 2022-2023. In his key roles as a member of the Kala Ghoda Association’s Executive Committee and St+art India’ Foundation’s advisory board, CEO, Avid Learning Asad Lalljee brought together the synergies of the two festivals.

Our support for St+art India goes back to regular collaborations and associations. For nearly a decade, St+art India Foundation has been working across the country to explore different art practices in public spaces, and the ability of art to transcend sociocultural beliefs. For the Mumbai Urban Art Festival from December’22 to February’23, Avid Learning curated an array of programs, talks, workshops, and discussions. Avid Learning’s opening panel at the festival, ‘Water as a Muse’ aimed at showcasing multifaceted dimensions of and relationships with water. We also explored water’s representation in different forms of Performing Arts portraying how ‘Water’ has been an element that for thousands of years has united and nurtured us, a symbol of transformation, choreographed by Gauri Sharma Tripathi; A dance performance by Radhika Mulay which was a confluence of Indian dance styles that brought forth the overflowing, ever-flowing, formless, and free-spirited concept of transparent water.

We curated programs to build awareness about burgeoning issues related to water and the oceans’ sustainability by engaging with young stakeholders. Through programs like the Coral Woman Film screening, Create your Own Corals Workshop, and Ocean Awareness workshop with Jane Goodall Institute’s Oceans are Us and Living Water Museum, we created a platform to engage and empower the next generation for change.

Avid Learning has also been a constant supporter of the Kalaghoda Arts Festival. We have continuously collaborated with and curated a multitude of programs since 2011, creating unique experiences for festival-goers. In 2023, Avid Learning supported the curation of three verticals at the festival – Architecture, Literature, and Workshops. We also curated a special immersive day of experiencing art for Teach for India students that engaged with both festivals.

Exploring the marine impact and influences that have shaped our city, we looked at Architectural heritage and its unending relationship with water, oceans, and waterways.  A heritage walk with the expert exploring the magnificent examples of architecture, regal causeways and public spaces, religious affiliations, culture, history, and geography blending in with the colors, smells, and endless noises of the city. The heritage walk was in partnership with St+Art India Foundation and the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai, led by Dr. Saul Sapir and Khaki Tours. With the Loksatta Building staircase as a muse, we explored Motifs, Materials, and Makers of Art Deco Architecture including the floorings, banisters, grills, and canopies of the architectural style. Our experts decoded how these motifs continue to inspire and motivate the makers of today, while a lecture demonstration with Architect, Professor at Sir J.J. College of Architecture, and Poet Mustansir Dalvi looked at the evolution and representation of Fantasy Architecture. Filthy Luker’s Tentacles at the Royal Opera House brought art to architectural heritage.

Avid Learning’s programming is a testament to the power of the arts to bring people together. Multicultural platforms like the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and Mumbai Urban Art Festival facilitate the opportunity to experience a diverse range of artistic expressions, from traditional to contemporary, and discover new perspectives on the city’s rich cultural heritage. Through our collaborations, we spread the message of supporting the arts and investing in the cultural life of our communities. Staying true to its credo that #LearningNeverStops Avid Learning will continue to enrich the experience of the residents and celebrate the unique cultural identity of the Maximum City – Aamchi Mumbai!

Please find further mentioned You Tube Links of few of our programs and performances at these festivals : 

Water as a Muse : https://youtu.be/2djNDGbgVcc

Motifs, Materials & Makers of Art Deco Architecture : https://youtu.be/hTbHqZoLIAE

Elemental by Gauri Sharma Tripathi : https://youtu.be/7YQtY6uk3mk

Fantasy Architecture with Mustansir Dalvi: https://youtu.be/sNXj4Ef6T10