All Essar Shipping Minicapes now Green Passport holders

As many as six of Essar Shipping’s 12-vessel fleet now have a Green Passport.

But what exactly is a Green Passport?

It is essentially an IHM (inventory of hazardous material), which documents all the potentially hazardous items that each vessel carries during its lifetime. Essar Shipping has prepared IHMs of all its six Minicapes. These are certified by ABS, and will be maintained through the life of the vessel, with periodic updates.

After decades of sailing the seas, ships are recycled when they reach the end of their lives. The vessel is dismantled, and steel and other valuable material are recycled. It is the most responsible way of disposing of a vessel, and almost every part of the ship is reused. However, if not done responsibly, the process can pose health hazards and be damaging to the environment. Therefore, in 2009, the IMO adopted the “Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships”, which ensures that health, safety, and environmental risks are minimised as much as possible through every part of the recycling process.

Essar Shipping has developed and adopted a stringent process for ship recycling that complies with the Hong Kong Convention, and by being directly involved on-the-ground, it is ensuring that this standard is adhered to when recycling its vessels.

Regulations in the new convention, which has yet to be ratified, cover the design, construction, operation and preparation of ships to facilitate safe and environmentally sound recycling, without compromising the safety and operational efficiency of ships.

Essar Shipping is proud of the fact that six of its STX Minicapes (Cyprus registered) are now future-ready and complying with the requirement. Watch the video to see how Essar Shipping is charting its course towards sustainability