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Avid Learning is proud to mark the one-month milestone of our robust digital further learning campaign AVID Online with 30 eclectic episodes, featuring 30 speakers from the breadth of the arts.

About the Campaign:

In April 2020, Avid Learning launched an online further learning campaign on our social media platforms for our followers to engage with a range of varied topics across the breadth of the arts. Our eclectic faculty of experts, thought leaders, practitioners and innovators share their learnings, expertise and knowledge on our social media platforms with tailored content for AVID’s online community and beyond. This series of diverse online conversations and sessions opens up a world of tips, tricks, references and further learnings all in the comfort of your home! #LearningNeverStops @ AVID Online.

Please read below for more details on past episodes:

In these past 30 days, our exciting episodes have covered topics ranging from  film appreciation to sustainable design; from comedy to city history; from theatre and dance to food writing and appreciation; from marathoning to writing bestsellers; from art history to reevaluating the future of biennales and festivals; from building an ear for classical Indian music, genres and instruments to learning about colonial architecture; from learning about photo books, finding your voice as a writer, curating art and science festivals and writing travel fiction to rediscovering history digitally and learning about how the arts can bring about social change; from learning how to archive family albums and about the changing face of journalism to appreciating women playback singers, Opera and Shakespeare. All featured episodes have all been appreciated greatly and continue to garner interest.Watch them all on our Youtube Playlist:


Our campaign continues with 7 speakers featured weekly at 7 PM! 

Tune in today for your daily dose of inspiration and learning!

When: 7:00 PM onwards daily

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