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Do you need more clarity on the recruitment process? Explore this section to find answers to your queries
Is Essar hiring? How can I apply?

On the "Join us" page we have a "Job search" feature. You can search for jobs available at Essar based on the business, sub-business or functions. You can click on the job to view the details of the job. Once you go to the details page, you can apply to a job by clicking on the "Apply for job" tab. If you are a registered user of our website, you will be prompted to sign in. If you are a first-time user, you will need to register with us by filling your details.

What kind of jobs are available at Essar?

You can view the jobs available at Essar by using the "Job search" feature on the "Join us" page. You can search for jobs available at Essar based on the business, sub-business or functions. You can also conduct a keywords-based search to find jobs based on your requirement.

I want to work for Essar, outside of India. How do I find a job?

In the "Job search" toolbar on the "Join us" page, you can choose the location for which you wish to find a job.

I don't see any postings for [Job X]. Does this mean they aren't available?

You can use the keyword-based search to find the job. You can revise your search by entering different keywords to see if there are any relevant openings. Alternatively, you can also register on our website and upload your resume. In case, there is an opening that matches your profile, the global talent acquisition team will get in touch with you.

I have applied to the Essar Group before. Can I reapply the following year?

Yes, you can. We only accept one application in a financial year. If unsuccessful, you may reapply to us for the following year. At Essar we typically begin accepting applications on the 1st of April each year. If you have previously applied to the Essar Group you must submit a new application and provide details of any previous applications.

Can I send my CV / resume instead of registering online?

To make the application process fair and consistent, all applications must be made online via this website. We do not accept any other form of application.

How long does it take to apply online?

The application process should not take more than 20 minutes to complete.

Can I apply to more than one business area or more than one location?

We would like you to evaluate all the opportunities available and then arrive at a decision. Screening all available opportunities on the website will enable you to make the right decision during your application. We would encourage you to apply against a listed vacancy. If you are unable to find an opening relevant to your experience, please apply against "General submission".

If I'm successful in the online application process, what skill
sets do you look for when screening for interview?

Your application is viewed holistically and we select candidates for interview based on a number of criteria. We are looking for evidence of specific strengths you have demonstrated through your interests, extracurricular activities and other life experiences. We are also interested in your motivations and what interests you about a career at Essar. When interviewing we also look for reflections of the the six Essar capabilities – operational excellence, project management, entrepreneurial orientation, customer focus , nurturing and negotiation.

If I'm not based in the country I apply to, how do I attend the interview?

The first round of interviews may be conducted over the phone or via video conferencing. Subsequently, we may invite you to the head office or another alternate location for a face-to-face interaction.

What happens after I apply?

Upon submitting your application, you will get an acknowledgment of the receipt of your application. If you send us your profile and if there are no openings matching your profile at this point of time we will retain your details in our system so that we may contact you again in the future should a relevant vacancy become available in your preferred field and location.

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