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Essar Group in Business Superbrands

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The third edition of Business Superbrands, brought out by UK-based Superbrands Ltd, features the Essar Group and dwells on its history and recent achievements, and highlights its 'Let's begin' commercial

September 16, 2011 Bookmark and Share  
The Essar Group has been featured in the latest 'Business Superbrands' book, brought out by London-based Superbrands Ltd.

“From humble beginnings four decades ago, Essar has grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise,” the write-up featuring the group in the third edition of Business Superbrands points out. “Its judiciously diversified business portfolio is supported by well-reasoned expansion plans. More than anything else, it is this that has given the group stability and a presence in the top five in every market it operates in.”

While the concept of 'Superbrands' originated in the UK in 1993, through its founder Marcel Knobil, it came to India in 2002, and the first edition of Consumer Superbrands was released in September 2004. The first edition of Business Superbrands was launched a year later.

The company decided to establish Business Superbrands to acknowledge the contribution of non-consumer brands, “which are actually the backbone of a country's economy and are rarely exposed to media glare. They are the unsung heroes of a nation and represent those brands which work behind the scenes developing a resilient country.”

Fifty brands figure in the third edition of Business Superbrands. They include top multinational corporations, leading public sector undertakings and reputed private companies.

“Business brands are at the core of every market, every economy and every country,” remarks Anmol Dar, Managing Director, Superbrands India. “Ironically, while they have virtually no dealing with ordinary consumers they are the spine on which their tomorrows rest. For these brands work quietly to transform lives and give an entire nation hope and comfort. This is the legacy of business brands.”

The book notes that from inception, the companies in the Essar Group have been in the business-to-business segment and have never needed to advertise. While industry was familiar with the group's achievements, many consumers were oblivious to it. It was the gradual shift to consumer-facing businesses and the group's increased international focus that necessitated a shift in policy.

“Given the vast scale and spread of the organization, finding a common thread that might link business together became an all-consuming task,” the book points out. “But like all outstanding solutions the answer lay in simplicity of thought – a word, a phrase, an idiom that could cut through the clutter: in 'Let's begin,' the team found the perfect answer.”

It points out that 'Let's begin' encapsulates the essence of a company happy in what it is doing and always game for a new challenge. “If it were possible it was, in a sense, the very best of a feeling expressed in the term joie de vivre. The commercial conveys the size, scale and diversity of the group.”

The book tracks the group's history, talks of its achievements, narrates the recent developments – including the string of international acquisitions – and also focuses on the 'Let's begin' commercial. It also elaborates on the four pivotal pillars that define the group's brand philosophy: people, progress, power and passion.

And it concludes: “This is the Essar Group – a conglomerate about whom a great deal more is still to be written.”
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